• Student assistance
    Erasmuspoint offers a totally free assistance to all the students who joined the LLP/ Erasmus Programmes of the University of Naples Federico II, "Seconda università degli studi di Napoli", the University L’Orientale and the Department of Engineering of the Parthenope University. Erasmuspoint looks after them all along their way as well as it can do to make their stay a great experience, helping in integrating them into our social urban background quickly. [read more...]
  • Discounts and Agreements with Erasmus Life Card A world of benefits, discounts, facilitations to make your stay in Naples unforgettable! [read more...]
  • Trips
    Erasmuspoint arranges trips and guided tours at a good price for all the Italian and International students, the researchers, the PhDs and the Professors!Discover the offers!
  • Research amd reservation of accomodation
    Thanks to an online service of searching and booking, Erasmuspoint offers the possibility of finding cosy accommodations at a good price to all the Italian and International students, to the researchers, the PhDs and the Professors[read more...]
  • Sport & Medical Aid
    Erasmus Point Naples arranges sport events, above all a university soccer tournament with teams of students coming from all over the world. Erasmus Point Naples helps you in finding a doctor if you need one.
  • Make a friend request
    to the Erasmus coordinator delegate to reception
    in city

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