First of all we are glad you chose Naples for your study abroad!
We would like to inform you on some points before reaching Naples in order to avoid trouble and to make you comfortable as much as we can.

  • 1) Book your first accommodation in one of the best hostel in Naples for a very good price: Naples Pizza Hostel. Click on the and choose the best solution for you!

  • 2) Go to the International Office of your Faculty in Naples to make the registration and get the certificate. Remember to take it always with you

  • 3) Go to the “Internal Revenue Service” (Agenzia delle Entrate) located in Via Diaz 11 to make the fiscal registration. You must go there with a COPY of your passport (or I.D. card), a COPY of your visa (if you are an extra – European student), COPY of your university certificate. With these papers you will get the FISCAL CODE, a very important identification document for facilitations during your stay in Italy.

  • 4) Come to ERASMUS POINT Office, it’s very close to the hostel as you can see on the map in attachment! We help you to find a suitable house for you. Erasmus Point gives you the chance to visit flats with us or with the landlords.

  • Erasmus Point provides you with the Italian Sim Card (WIND) with a cheap price in order to keep in touch with all the international students.

  • VERY IMPORTANT: Before coming to our office bring the following copies of:


Erasmus Point gives you the assistance in opening a bank account for you. Besides, our staff gives you the assistance in writing the application form for the PERMIT OF STAY. Go to Poste Centrali in Piazza Matteotti to get the yellow kit and then come here!

  • 5) We remind everybody that our service is for the students of Federico II, L’Orientale and Engineering Faculty of Parthenope. If you study in another university of Naples you can get the service with a price of 80 € if you plan to stay for one semester, 120 € for one year.

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